It was really, really expensive to find an all natural ice cream made with organic ingredients. The largest brand of an all natural ice cream was pretty pricey too! I really, really love ice cream and really, really wanted to make my own. I even tried one recipe where you mixed the ingredients together, put it in the freezer, and I went back every half hour and mixed it with a spoon. Aggggghhhh! I've always wanted an ice cream maker, but most of them seemed to be beyond what I was capable of. I didn't want to mess with salt and ice and I always pictured what a disaster I could make of that.
One day I was walking around Costco and I found a  great deal on the Cuisinart Ice-20. This ice cream maker stated on the box that you pour in the ingredients and press on. Ahhh, my kind of ice cream maker. I bought it and pulled it out the box, put the bowl in the freezer and waited until the following day. The next day I bought some organic ingredients, came home and mixed them together, put them in the maker, and voila, the most delicious ice cream that was made with my love. I know it sounds a little dreamy, but oh it was good!
I've used this thing weekly and i even make healthy treats. I've put yogurt in it, orange juice in it, and even pineapple juice in it. It makes a great healthy slushy, or you can put the slush in the freezer for later and it turns out like an italian ice kind of treat. My next plan is to try a watermelon granita!!!!
Click here for the recipe I used from Cuisinart, which could be used in any ice cream maker.

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