Fruity O's!!!


Oh, how the kids always beg for all the brightly colored foods in the cereal aisle. I was just shopping at Trader Joe's and stumbled upon a cereal that is either a new product, or I had just never noticed it before. It's called Fruity O's and it's a BIG hit! The cereal is sweetened with real sugar, and colored with vegetable powders and spices. I typically reserve the sugary cereals for dessert time, so my little guy was trying to convince me why he should be allowed to have it for breakfast, or anytime. He said, "Well, when we stay at hotels they give you Fruit Loops for breakfast, so I can eat them for breakfast." I replied, "At a hotel the people are very nice, but they aren't exactly looking out for your best interests, or health."  He then said, "But why don't they care about what you eat?" I replied, "It really isn't their responsibility to make sure that you're eating well, and you have to do that for yourself."  After going back and forth a few more times I think he understands that he has to take care of his own health, and of course his Mom will too ;-)

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