I went to the local farmer's market today and as I passed the stands most of the produce looked absolutely perfect. The last stand I passed had beautiful produce, but I noticed something different... bug eaten leaves. I took another look and I noticed a sign on their table stating CHEMICAL FREE PRODUCE. I asked the nice woman behind the table and she told me that they don't use pesticides on their farm.
This reminded me of a conversation that I had with a friend not long ago. She told me that she bought some organic produce and she seemed a little grossed out that the produce was full of bugs. I told her that was a great sign, and she seemed a little surprised. What I was thinking was, if they were using a pesticide, then it would definitely be bug free.
I also recently visited a friend that was telling me a story about pesticide free fruit on her parent's land. I believe her dad called the fruit "ugly fruit" and so they gave it to her, because she buys organic. She said she had tried some peaches from the grocery store and they were bland and dry. The "ugly fruit" was full of flavor and so juicy she said it was dripping down her chin.
I think that I would take the ugly produce over the mass produced, blemish free produce that appears to be perfect, but is it really perfect after all?


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