I just watched something on the news that I found extremely irritating. A USDA study was just released and it claims that it can be cheaper to eat healthy vs. eating junk food. I'm not sure where they are shopping, but when I've looked around the store it seems to be the opposite. Not too long ago I was complaining to my DH that it was far less to purchase soda compared to a natural fruit juice. The boxed dinner kits, you know the little glove guy, was far cheaper to feed a family than the fresh produce.
But I digress...so the news story had a table full of fresh and processed food. The reporter picked up the bananas and stated the cost was roughly $.19 a piece. She then picked up a name brand chip and said the cost was $.30 a serving. Now, if you're like me, I could not eat bananas all the time and you can easily buy good generic chips and then that would bring the price per serving down drastically. I do know that the fresh produce that I love certainly isn't $.19 a piece. Next, she pulls out some tomatoes and talks about how the box of donuts is far cheaper...aaah haaaa! Far cheaper than a tomato! This study seems a bit off to me. Does anyone remember the $.10 package of ramen noodles that everyone you knew was eating in college?? I suppose if you ate bananas and head lettuce all day then it could be possible to eat for less, but I think I'd prefer to eat an old shoe.
 So, my next question is why is high fructose corn syrup subsidized, but  fresh fruits and veggies aren't? I guess someone will figure that out eventually, or not. ;-)

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